Issue #37 (30 Jan) – Munich lands a lot of VC monies, would you freeze yourself?, BS around Pepsi logo & children mortality.
Issue #36 (23 Jan) – jobs & news, all cops are beautiful, consumer aesthetics and other amazing links from last week.
Issue #35 (16 Jan) – plus 20 jobs, unit economics of Gorillas, sanitary inspections and Last generation vs. car drivers.
Issue #34 (09 Jan) – how much top earners make in Germany, what is cost of living in Berlin and a lot of trivia about a swamp that Berlin once was.
A new website, Patreon support and much more!
Issue #33 (19 Dec) – with a bonus of best spas of Berlin, greatest movies of all times and quesadillas.
Issue #32 (12 Dec) – bars with unusual activities, typical Berlin dishes, Gorillas finally sold & how to buy great presents.
Issue #31 (05 Dec) – a dry funding week for Berlin, Musk meme, flour got really expensive & people are dangerous to people.
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